Saved From Myself – A poem

I lived my life in fear

I lived my life in chains

I lived my life like I would live again

And again, and again, and again

Making the same mistakes

Living second by second

The past living in the present

With no future ahead

Put the past on repeat, let it loop

Until it sinks into my brain

Conditioning my mind, my soul

Until things can never be the same

Except they are the same

The same as they’ve always been

The shadow creeps

The voice echoes

The ground trembles

The background noise of a lifetime

Washes over me like waves

You think that there’s something different?

What else is there but here?

There is nothing beyond here

Here is safety

Here is panic

Here is danger

Here is fear’

Says the voice inside my head.

One day I awake from my dream

And I see what is happening around me

The dream fades into reality

A new reality

One that’s hard, cold and stark

This is the life beyond the life

Hidden in the dark

I can make it my own

But I can’t make it alone

Guide me through this

Help me find the bliss

That’s escaped me for so long.

Written by Miss Wren