Gold in the Cracks

The Japanese have an art called Kintsugi

Where they fill cracks in broken pottery

They use lacquer as glue, dusted in gold

And all the cracks shine, glittering and bold

They see the value in something broken

They see the history of the unspoken

Cracks are treasured, not hidden away

Never to be shown to the light of day

I see myself in this philosophy

My scars are like cracks in the pottery

Your love is my gold, making me sublime

My flaws have become beautiful in time

You saw the beauty when I was shattered

You picked up every piece that scattered

Put me together, accepted my flaws

You saw me as the worthiest cause

I see you, my love — broken from mistakes

See you trying to mend your own heart aches

My love is your lacquer, let me hold you

Hold you until you’re set, my trust is glue

Rivers of gold are like veins on our souls

They connect us like the Kintsugi bowls

The cracks fit together, they tell a story

Of our love, our life, our pain and glory

Written by Miss Wren


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