Image by the author

I hid myself away

In a covering of silk

So soft, so warm, so peaceful

I slip inside myself

Only to realise

I don’t know who I was

Or who I’m meant to be

It’s easy to lose myself

In the cocoon of familiarity

My body breaks down

And rearranges itself

In deep discomfort

Who am I becoming?

Why does it hurt?

Where is the light?

Do I have to break myself down?

Before I can be rebuilt anew?

My tangled limbs thrash against the walls

My body quivers like a new-born

I kick out and the light streams in

I’ve broken through, my leg dangling

I push again to pull myself out

Gasping for air as I shiver

I climb atop the chrysalis

Breath caught in my lungs

Overcome by the fresh air

I pause to see my body transformed

I had to be broken into a thousand pieces

Before I could put myself back together

I’ll never go back to who I was before

I hope I’ll stay this way forever

Written by Miss Wren


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