My Life Was Not My Own

Photo by Artem Kim on Unsplash

My life is not my own

I’m not sure if I lost it

Or never had it to begin with

I’m falling apart, bit by bit

I live to serve your every whim

A vessel of compliance and sin

I did everything you wanted

But that’s a game I could never win

I was always bad in your eyes

Something broken never to be fixed

It took many years to realise

That you had made me weak and transfixed

By an icy stare, an insult, and lies

And the vaguest notion of admiration

Held up too high for me to reach

To remind me that I was your creation

It was like I owed you

My life, my very existence

Because I believed you to be true

And your love was my sustenance

I realised I didn’t need you

The way you needed to hurt another

I believe in myself; I know I’m true

But you, you’re no one – some other


Written by Miss Wren


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