Sagittarius – A Poem

Image by the author

Sagittarius, the wandering archer

Always waiting on the next departure

A restless soul with a curious mind

Happiness is to live unconfined

Ever on the hunt, you like to explore

Expansive Jupiter leaves you yearning for more

King of the Gods, lightning and thunder

Beware of excess that may tear you asunder

Don’t worry Sagittarius; you have little to fear

You make friends quickly, and you hold them dear

Your inner fire radiates optimism

You don’t have much time for cynicism

Written by Miss Wren

The Magician’s Apprentice

Image by the author

Last night, under the full moon

Is the night I lost control

A sickness came over me too soon

My body wasn’t ready, something possessed my soul

My words are potent incantations

That made the impossible appear

My eyes can’t fathom the conjurations

I had summoned spirits most mortals fear

My palms sparked flames that licked my fingers

Despite the blazing heat, my body shivers

The rush of power that seldom lingers

Left my body and flowed like rivers

They poured out of me and glowed blue underground

Like a swarm of abyssal sea creatures

The roots pulsed underneath me, an unearthly sound

As if I was a tree, but with human features

If I can do this, am I even human?

Have I transcended and become a god?

Or am I to be feared, subhuman?

To be put to death by firing squad

I can’t think like that, I’m a human being

With the power I barely understand

I birthed this power, my eyes unseeing

Created by an apprentice’s hand

Written by Miss Wren

My Imaginary Escapade

Photo by Abby Kihano from Pexels

One thousand ideas circle around my head

Dazzling like a swarm of fireflies

They weave through the air, fast and slow

They dim and they glow

Like stars that twinkle in the inky sky above

As above, so below

Heaven and Earth aren’t so different now

Inspiration is all around

I need not catch the fireflies

Let them dance their lazy dance

While I admire them, before sinking back

Into a place of comfort

Curled up among my cushions

Drinking my steaming green tea

From my favourite china mug

Written by Miss Wren