Image by the author

You like the little things that most people ignore

You like organising your life and your mind

You do life with zest even when it’s a chore

Ruled by Mercury, you’re hard-working and kind

You have a lot of great qualities on your side,

Yet you worry about yourself and others

Concern is good, but take it in your stride

Don’t let your anxiety put you in the gutters

Virgo, you are a careful and diligent soul

And you have a tender and loving heart

You’re the one who keep things under control

Even when the world around you is falling apart

Written by Miss Wren



Photo by Thomas Bennie on Unsplash

The colours fall to the horizon

Intense shades of red, orange and purple

A mystic fire has drawn along the sky

The birds go to roost, and the people sigh

A hard day’s work is done,

Gone is the sun

A deep blue bleeds into the sky

The mystic fire smoulders,

Until the light is no more.

The world is rooted in comfort and solitude

Yet a weariness lingers in the dark

The urge to be curled up inside

Overtakes the urge to explore the world beyond one’s home

It is time to rest, nightfall has come.

Written by Miss Wren


Image by the author

I hid myself away

In a covering of silk

So soft, so warm, so peaceful

I slip inside myself

Only to realise

I don’t know who I was

Or who I’m meant to be

It’s easy to lose myself

In the cocoon of familiarity

My body breaks down

And rearranges itself

In deep discomfort

Who am I becoming?

Why does it hurt?

Where is the light?

Do I have to break myself down?

Before I can be rebuilt anew?

My tangled limbs thrash against the walls

My body quivers like a new-born

I kick out and the light streams in

I’ve broken through, my leg dangling

I push again to pull myself out

Gasping for air as I shiver

I climb atop the chrysalis

Breath caught in my lungs

Overcome by the fresh air

I pause to see my body transformed

I had to be broken into a thousand pieces

Before I could put myself back together

I’ll never go back to who I was before

I hope I’ll stay this way forever

Written by Miss Wren

The Secret War

Image by the author

The secret war isn’t on the battlefield

Nor fought on land or sea

No side will yield

Until death silences our humanity

Victory is only temporary

Like all the seasons past

You better hold fast

Because you’re already in it

Just like everyone else

You’re fighting every day

Some days are quieter than others

It doesn’t mean you can rest easy

The war is inside your mind

You choose to rise or fall

You choose to make your war matter

If it even matters at all

Written by Miss Wren


Image by the author

Don’t force your way onto the page

Let your words flow like the blood in your veins

These words are part of you now

The rhythm of your writing is a heartbeat

Your handwriting is a pulse

Everything is intertwined

Within your heart, your soul

These are the words you write

Filled with power, filled with might

And by the miracle of sight

You let the words flow in the twilight

Like a silvery stream on a moonlit night.

Written by Miss Wren