The Fallen One

Your vision is veiled by contempt

And your heart is as heavy as stone

Your soul is barren from judgement

Demons surround you, but you’re alone

Can’t you see that you’re falling, falling

To a place where no one can save you?

Only you can hear the voice calling

You out of the void you’re sinking into

Our hands strike out from the darkness

Like meteors streaking through the sky

To save you from the hell you harness

Like we’re God’s angels from on high

We are not angels, and you’re not God

But you seem to think that you are

We’re your compliant servants that nod

And bow towards you from afar

We can’t save you once you cross the line

The voice calls out to you again

‘There’s good in you! You still have time!’

Are our efforts all in vain?

We saw the goodness in you long ago

You were kind, patient and full of grace

You can shine once more, let it show!

Let redemption be more than saving face!

We reach out to you, but you must reach back

The threshold could swallow us all

You gasp and reach beyond the crack

But the chasm is just too wide

You fall

Written by Miss Wren

The Thief – A poem


You took my voice

You broke my wings

Said it was a choice

To lose such petty things

I was mute and crippled

Just the way you liked me

Your hate and disdain rippled

For all but me to see

Jealousy is an ugly beast

As is your entitlement

You could of, at the very least

Left me out of your torment

You didn’t have to be like this

It didn’t have to be like this

Why did it have to be like this?

Why did you have to be like this?

Could you even love?

Did you even care?

You never rose above

You never even dared

Turns out I didn’t need you

As much as you needed to hurt another

I cut you off, then pushed through

All your lies that kept you undercover

You had nowhere left to hide

I was no longer at your side

Written by Miss Wren